2014 Entertainment

Monday, July 7, 2014

7:00 pm Cat Show

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

6:00-8:00 pm 2nd Annual Ladies Night-Commercial Building

Shop, Mingle, Pamper & Laugh-Free Admission

7:00 pm Farm & Antique Tractor Pull with Street Legal Trucks & Semis-Grandstand

Adults $10, Kids 6-12 $5, 5 & Under FREE!
Tractors just are not for the farm anymore. The original intent of this pull for antique and farm tractors was to have an event where people who had a tractor in their back yard or on their farm could come to the Fair, join the pull and have some fun. The Antique Farm and Tractor Pull is exactly that! Come out and cheer on your favorite color tractor that evening! See who takes home the bragging rights for the year!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

7:00 pm Combine Demolition Derby and Car Truck Demolition Derby-Grandstand

Adults $10, Kids 6-12 $5, 5 & Under Free
The Sauk County Fair is hosting its fifth annual Combine Demolition Derby. You do not want to miss this event that has thrills and excitement with every crash. People are dragging old combines out of the junk pile, breaking out the spray paint and stencils, naming their combines, and preparing them to crash into other combines. Join us to watch the combine carnage...

This year we will also be including the annual Sauk County Fair Demolition Derby. This is an action packed evening of "smashing family fun"... The basic idea behind derby is simple: Watch as drivers drive (mostly) backwards around our mud track hitting opponents with their vehicle until there's only one left running. There's really only one rule in demolition derby: It's to have your car be the last one running!

9:00 pm Swifkick, Live Band-John Litscher Pavilion, No Cover Charge

SwifKick was formed in the summer of 2007. The band consists of five talented musicians based out of the Baraboo/Madison area that have been playing great live music for years. They bring to the stage a variety of both male and female butt kickin' new top 40 country music and some classic rock for a well balanced show that will have you dancing all night. swifkick.com

Thursday, July 10, 2014

7:00 pm Sauk County Stirrups, Saddles, and Spurs Pro Rodeo-Grandstand

big-hat-rodeo Adults $10, Kids 6-12 $5, 5 & Under FREE
BIG HAT RODEO is the premier rodeo company primarily servicing the Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Missouri area.  A long standing reputation for producing professional rodeos with an innovative twist makes BIG HAT RODEO performances a lot more than just a rodeo ... "It's a show filled with glamour & glitz, great music & laughter, pageantry & action and more family fun than you can imagine!" bighatrodeo.com

9:00 pm Swing Crew, Live Band-John Litscher Pavilion, No Cover Charge

swing-crew Fun is the bottom line with this interactive, acoustic band. The shows feature a wide variety of music, audience participation, jokes, stunts, cornball humor and toasts. The Swing Crew performs a wide variety of music. They play classic rock, country, pop, swing, "island beat" and about any other genre you could possibly come up with. They play whatever gets the crowd going. So if you want to hear something in particular just ask them, they most likely know it. The best thing about going to see The Swing Crew perform is that it's not like seeing your average "bar band", the quality of the music and the crazyness of their antics will keep you entertained throughout the show. The bottom line is FUN. swingcrew.com

Friday, July 11, 2014

7:00 Badger State Tractor & Truck Pullers along with PI Motorsports-Grandstand

Adults $10, Kids 6-12 $5, 5 & Under Free
The 2014 Truck & Tractor Pull is sanctioned through Badger State Tractor Pullers & PI Motorsports.
The line-up includes Badger State Super Farm Tractors, Light Limited Super Stock Tractors, 640 Pro Farm Tractors, 2.6 Diesel Trucks, 2WD Trucks. PI Motorsports line- up includes Pro-Farm Tractors. bstponline.org pipullers.com

9:00 pm The Pat Watters Band, Live--John Litscher Pavilion, No Cover Charge

pat-watters-band Raw. Real. Wisconsin Country.
Somewhere tonight... 700 miles from the influence of Music Row, country music is alive and well. Between a great big river and an even bigger lake, on a festival stage or in the corner of your favorite small town tavern, the trademark twang and authenticity that country music was built on is present and accounted for. Somewhere tonight... The Pat Watters Band is live and loud, and it's countrification time in Wisconsin. patwattersband.com

Saturday, July 12, 2014

7:00 pm Chris Cagle, Josh Thompson and The Lost Trailers, Grandstand

chris-cagle $25/$35 admission

Ask Chris Cagle what’s most important to him and you can bet he’ll answer this way: “Family, ranch, music. That’s it.” This response is seemingly simple for a man whose professional credits include two gold albums, two No. 1 albums and 12 charted songs. From 2000-2008, Cagle released an almost nonstop catalog of hits that resulted in a scorching hot career.  Cagle's musical character and burning ambition never wavered but today, Cagle’s personal perspective has mellowed. 2012's forthcoming album is, in more ways than one, a new lease on life.

This Chris Cagle may look a little different to those who are used to a louder, harder-partying version of the star. Rest assured, Chris still gets “as rowdy as a redneck can get,” but these days he confines himself to a smaller space – the 40’x40’ stage. And when the show’s over, he puts on a different hat and heads back to hearth and home. It is there that Chris has found balance and a new passion.  Today, his biggest off-stage thrill is training and raising cutting horses, and when he puts on his cowboy boots and favorite hat, it is because he’s living the true cowboy lifestyle, not because he’s putting on a show. His fans will recognize the glow and appreciate the authenticity. chriscagle.com

josh-thompson Josh Thompson-working-class country has found its most authentic spokesman in a generation. A compelling singer, he is an artist whose songwriting reflects both the gritty realities of blue-collar life and the beer-fueled release of the Friday-night honky-tonk.

"I love feeding on the crowd," he says. "I love to get them rowdy and get rowdy back. I like to put on a show, to run around and beat the drums a little bit--literally. My drummer gets pissed off sometimes because cymbals are expensive, but what are you gonna do? Music makes you do some crazy things sometimes." Beneath the energy, though, is substance he learned from the masters.
"There's nothing you hear Haggard sing that you don't just absolutely believe," he says. "If he's hurting, you know it. To be able to portray that and to be able to pour the pain through the speakers, to bring somebody to tears or make them laugh or slap the dashboard and say, 'Hell, yeah!'--he's great at that. I'm going to continue to write what I feel and what I think is real, and hopefully it can do to somebody what 'Mama Tried' did to me."

At bottom is his heartfelt love for his peers - the working men and women who have always been drawn to the kind of music he makes. "I love the blue collar honky-tonk crowd," he says, "the men and women that, like it says in 'Beer on the Table,' pretty much work their butts off all week and like to have a good time Friday night, because that's who I am--a working guy that got lucky enough to get a recording contract." joshthompsonofficial.com

The Lost Trailers- NASHVILLE, TN (April 28, 2014) – Country music band The Lost Trailers are joining forces with CMT’s music discovery platform, CMT Artists, this summer to give fans nationwide an exclusive multi-media experience on the group’s forthcoming 2014 Tour.

  Fans will have the chance to appear in a music video at every tour date and showcase their hometowns. These unique videos will be live on The Lost Trailers exclusive site on Artists.CMT “One of my favorite parts of touring is learning about the great regions of America that I’ve never been to before, or haven’t had the chance to really experience,” shares front-man Stokes Nielson. “This allows not only us, but the whole country music community, to have access to these heartland stories and local lore.” At every tour stop, The Lost Trailers’ show will be filmed with state-of-the-art video production highlighting the night’s crowd participation. An interactive “Fan-Filmed” area will also be on-site to collect video footage captured from fans, including content that showcases the local community, the before-during-and-after experiences around the show and local up-and-coming acts. The footage will then be combined to create a new music video for every show.

Discovered by Willie Nelson, The Lost Trailers broke onto the country music scene and delivered five Top 40 singles including the breakout Top 10, Gold-certified anthem “Holler Back.”  They have earned multiple ACM nominations and continue to tour nationwide with their energetic live show. Fronting the group is award-winning songwriter Stokes Nielson, who is also a new media entrepreneur and a producer for Google/YouTube’s Country Now TV. This summer, The Lost Trailers will feature Nielson and longtime fixture guitar-slinger Charles Longoria, TLT bassist Jimmy Lykens, and guitarist/vocalist Jeff Dane, as well as support on certain dates from artists Jason Wyatt, California native Ry Bradley, and Houston-based Arabella Jones. thelosttrailers.com


10:30 pm Cops N Rockers, Live Band-John Litscher Pavilion, No Cover Charge

A cover band that plays everything from classic rock to new country. The band consists of three members of law enforcement and three experienced rock musicians. They are a local band out to have fun. facebook.com/CopsNRockers

Sunday, July 13, 2014

11:00 am Wisconsin Horse Pullers Association Inc. Horse Pull

horse-pull Adults $5, Kids 6-12 $3, 5 & Under Free
This is a sanctioned horse pull through Wisconsin Horse Pullers Association Inc.
Horse Pulling is a draft horse competition where horses in harness, usually one or two animals, pull a stone boat or weighted sled and the winner is the animal/team that can pull the most weight for a short distance. There are different weight classes and strict rules to avoid animal cruelty. The Belgian Horse is the breed most frequently seen, but other draft breeds are also used.
The sport of horse pulling originated when horses were still used for daily farm work. Farmers would challenge one another to see whose horse/team could pull the most weight. Since then, horse pulling has evolved into an organized sport with teams of equine athletes. horsepull.com/WHPA.htm

Noon Mississippi Valley Dutchman Polka Band-John Litscher Pavilion, No Cover Charge

In a small west central Wisconsin village about 30 miles east of the Mississippi River lived a young farm boy whose roots were embedded deeply into old time folk music. Brian Brueggen, born in 1965, has carried on a family tradition that goes back to the 1800's. Brian started his own band in 1985. It started as a six-piece band. As the years passed by, many larger bands decreased to 3-4 piece bands. However, twenty years later, Brian is one of the few band leaders who still maintains a six-piece band. In Brian's words, the credit would go to loyal side musicians who still love to be part of a big band. The Mississippi Valley Dutchmen have secured one of the finest names in old time music, playing the traditional "Dutchmen Style” music. mississippivalleydutchmen.com